turns out be mafialand

We have been hearing of cyber crimes for a while, but little did we think that the dark shadow looming over our head could morph into such a demon charging on you.
It might have come as a surprise to many of the users of, that they were trespassing into mafialand, wooed by the glitter of the stolen contents – photos, literature et al from various malayalam blogs, if not by the porn let loose in their sister concerns (
The mafia colurs started to break free after one of the bloggers reported theft. Threats, abuse, stalking followed on to the bloggers who refused to get frightened by the mafia lord, one Mr ShivKumar in this case, and his accomplices.

Incidently ShivKumar and co have everything going against them, but the goons they are, simply mocks at the law
1. Content theft, copyright violations
2. Threat/ abuse mails
3. Cyber stalking
4. New movies made available for download on their sites illegally
5. The notorious link to the porn industry.
6. Fake addresses on their registrations.

Read the full story here :

As it turns out Mr. Shivkumar has now felt the heat and has resorted to play into tamil sentiments with a fake story (see With all the mafia background coming to surface this did not come as a surprise.

Inji need to be commended for her stand and should not let hese criminals get away with thier act. Sue them Inji !!

This post is in protest against the harassement meted out to those who raised their voices. I condemn these fascist attacks against the democratic rights of netziens and join my fellow bloggers in their protests.

Yahoo wont apologize to Copyright infringement.

Apparently Yahoo, the giant, has a neck that has been drained of morality to the extent that has it handicapped from bending to tender an apology to a crime that it has committed. OR ‘apology’ is a word that has been banished from its corporate dictionary.

That Yahoo had lifted (stolen) content from kariveppila (കറിവേപ്പില) has been a boiling issue with the Malayalam Blog community for quite some time.
A simple apology would have settled the issue long back. But Yahoo chose to play Goliath, feigning ignorance to the little david’s protesting.

Is it essential that individuals shed human values once they don the corporate chair, or is it corporates cannot put up with a human face?

The flash news “Yahoo tenders apology” maybe pleasing to its corporate rivals, but is it more shameful than running away ?

Yahoo need to apologize unconditionally and this post is my protest against plagairism by Yahoo